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Quick Reads

Below you will find a collection of quick reads on big issues in higher education, subdivided by topic. The idea is to satiate or stimulate your curiosity about topics and trends in faculty development, higher education, and teaching and learning. All are jargon-free, yet informative. Some even have immediate take-aways and applications to your classes and career. So scroll through each category and enjoy!


Teaching and Learning


Student Success

Faculty Development

Future Faculty & New(er) Faculty

  1. Feel Like You're Going Out of Your Mind? Consider Your Mind-Set The New York Times
  2. It's Never Going to Be Perfect, So Just Get It Done The New York Times
  3. To Save The Science Poster, Researchers Want To Kill It And Start Over NPR
  4. Dear Faculty: You Matter More Than You Know Inside Higher Ed
  5. 'Going To Office Hours Is Terrifying' And Other Tales Of Rural Students In College NPR
  6. Don’t Spend Your Holiday Break Writing The Chronicle of Higher Education
  7. Now for the Downsides of a Community-College Career The Chronicle of Higher Education
  8. Postdocs trying to transition to non-academic careers should be offered more support by their supervisors and universities LSE Impact Blog
  9. Professors Share: The Moment That Changed the Way I TeachThe Chronicle of Higher Education
  10. On the Value of Dissertation-Writing Groups The Chronicle of Higher Education
  11. The Worst Writing Advice in the World The Chronicle of Higher Education
  12. A New Series on Scholarly Productivity: ‘Are You Writing?’ The Chronicle of Higher Education
  13. Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds The New Yorker
  14. Study: Teaching and Research Not Tied Inside Higher Ed
  15. The Lessons of Failure: You may learn more from your rejection letters than from your acceptances The Chronicle of Higher Education

Accessibility & Inclusion

Big Issues in Higher Education

Online Learning

Artificial Intelligence & "Tutoring" Services