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Quick Reads

Below you will find a collection of quick reads on big issues in higher education, subdivided by topic. The idea is to satiate or stimulate your curiosity about topics and trends in faculty development, higher education, and teaching and learning. All are jargon-free, yet informative. Some even have immediate take-aways and applications to your classes and career. So scroll through each category and enjoy!


Teaching and Learning


Student Success

Faculty Development

Future Faculty & New(er) Faculty

Accessibility & Inclusion

  1. What if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In? The New York Times
  2. Equal vs. Fair Mathmatical Association of America
  3. Men Call Their Own Research 'Excellent': Women do so much less often. And it's not because their work isn't as good. The New York Times
  4. Students rate male instructors more highly than female instructors. We tried to counter that hidden bias. The Washington Post
  5. Calling attention to gender bias dramatically changes course evaluations Iowa State University
  6. Mitigating gender bias in student evaluations of teaching Plos One
  7. Confronting Biases Against Adjunct Faculty Inside Higher Ed
  8. Too Taboo for Class? Professor is suspended for using the N-word in class in discussion of language from James Baldwin essay. Inside Higher Ed
  9. 50 Colleges Hit With ADA Lawsuits Inside Higher Ed
  10. Yes, You Have Implicit Biases, Too The Chronicle of Higher Education
  11. Inclusion by Design: Tool Helps Faculty Examine Their Teaching Practices Faculty Focus
  12. Talking Trump in Class Inside Higher Ed
  13. Women and Academic Leadership: Leaning Out The Chronicle of Higher Education

Big Issues in Higher Education

Online Learning

Artificial Intelligence & "Tutoring" Services