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Quick Reads

Below you will find a collection of quick reads on big issues in higher education, subdivided by topic. The idea is to satiate or stimulate your curiosity about topics and trends in faculty development, higher education, and teaching and learning. All are jargon-free, yet informative. Some even have immediate take-aways and applications to your classes and career. So scroll through each category and enjoy!


Teaching and Learning


Student Success

Faculty Development

Future Faculty & New(er) Faculty

Accessibility & Inclusion

Big Issues in Higher Education

  1. Will 2022 Bring a Return to 'Normal' After Mostly Online 2021 Semesters? Inside Higher Ed
  2. U.S. Drops in Ranking of University Research Funding Inside Higher Ed
  3. My University is Dying and soon yours will be too. The Chronicle Review
  4. The University: Agent of Change in a Changing Age Inside Higher Ed
  5. A Troublesome Narrative Criticizes Higher Education Idaho Ed News
  6. How to Handle the Chaos of a 'Tornado Boss' The Wall Street Journal
  7. The University Is a Ticking Time Bomb: Treating nearly 75 percent of the professoriate as disposable is not sustainable The Chronicle of Higher Education
  8. How Higher Ed Can Change Faster Inside Higher Ed
  9. Today's Context Demands Use of OER Inside Higher Ed
  10. Stop Planning! Colleges and universities would be better served by focusing on the other half of strategic planning: the strategy. Inside Higher Ed
  11. Public Engagement and the Future of the University: As universities face pressure to demonstrate their value, engaged scholarship is more important than ever. Inside Higher Ed
  12. Educating Versus Training and Credentialing: Reaffirming the value of a liberal education. Inside Higher Ed
  13. Planning to Plan: Designing a Strategic Planning Process to Maximize Success Campus Intelligence
  14. Smart, Succinct and Agile: Strategic Planning in an Age of Uncertainty (preview free, Digital $124) Inside Higher Ed
  15. Has UMUC Turned Enrollment Woes Around? Inside Higher Ed
  16. The Assault on Colleges — and the American Dream The New York Times
  17. When a Theory Goes Viral: Intersectionality is now everywhere. Is that a good thing? The Chronicle of Higher Education
  18. Noam Chomsky's "Responsibility of Intellectuals" after 50 years: It's an even heavier responsibility now Salon
  19. Will You Graduate? Ask Big Data The New York Times
  20. Study: Teaching and Research Not Tied Inside Higher Ed
  21. The Case for a New Kind of Core The Chronicle of Higher Education
  22. Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. The Washington Post

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