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Quick Reads

Below you will find a collection of quick reads on big issues in higher education, subdivided by topic. The idea is to satiate or stimulate your curiosity about topics and trends in faculty development, higher education, and teaching and learning. All are jargon-free, yet informative. Some even have immediate take-aways and applications to your classes and career. So scroll through each category and enjoy!


Teaching and Learning


Student Success

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Accessibility & Inclusion

Big Issues in Higher Education

Online Learning

  1. Online Classes Surge at Virginia Tech. But What About Outcomes? Inside Higher Ed
  2. The Case for 'Edtech Minimalism' in an Age of Distance Learning EdSurge
  3. 3 Keys to Making Project-Based Learning Work During Distance Learning Edutopia
  4. The New Rules of Engagement: How to create a vibrant online classroom The Chronicle of Higher Education
  5. 7 Ways to Do Formative Assessments in Your Virtual Classroom Edutopia
  6. Asynchronous vs. Synchronous: How to Design for Each Type of Learning CatlinTucker
  7. How to Align Your LMS With the Science of Learning Edutopia
  8. Teaching Strategies of Award-Winning Online Instructors Edutopia
  9. Teaching and Learning After COVID-19: Three post-pandemic predictions Inside Higher Ed
  10. Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All IDDblog
  11. Completing a Face-To-Face Course Online Following A Campus Mandate The Scholarly Teacher
  12. Beyond the Discussion Board Inside Higher Ed
  13. How to Be a Better Online Teacher The Chronicle of Higher Education
  14. The New Science of How to Argue Online—Constructively The Atlantic
  15. Navigating the Never-Ending Online Course Cycle Inside Higher Ed
  16. I taught online courses and formed stronger relationships with my students eCampus News
  17. Too Little Help for Professors Teaching Online Inside Higher Ed
  18. Online Learning 2.0 Inside Higher Ed
  19. Virtual Residencies eLearning Inside
  20. How Audio Feedback Via Social Media Can Drive Engagement and Enhance Instruction eLearning Inside
  21. Online Learning is Misunderstood. Here's How. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  22. Students' Perceived Areas for Improvement in an Online Learning Environment International Journal of Process Education
  23. What 6 Colleges Learned about Improving Their Online Courses The Chronicle of Higher Education
  24. Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help The New York Times
  25. Online Learning Efficacy eLearning Inside
  26. Coming to Campus to Teach Online Inside Higher Ed
  27. Actively Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Classes IDEA
  28. Same Time, Many Locations: Online Education Goes Back to Its Origins. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  29. Looking for something a little longer? Here's our pick for Best Book:
    Linder and Hayes (2018) High-Impact Practices in Online Education: Research and Practices. Stylus.

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