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Gratitude changes everything Thank a Professor / Thank a TA

Thank a Professor provides an opportunity for you to share your gratitude for an instructor or an educational experience that has made a difference in your learning and your life.

On a daily basis, UI faculty support student success in multiple ways –as teachers, mentors, scholars, and path-clearers. Through this portal, you can thank a professor or teaching assistant for their dedication to their craft and your success. This is a great way to let an instructor know they made a difference.

How it works

Using the online submission form below, you can express your gratitude and any details that will help your instructor know how and why they have made a difference. You can remain anonymous or have your name included in the thank you note the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will send on your behalf. If you would like the campus community to know why this Professor or TA rocks, just let us know and we will add it to our website!

I am Grateful for ...Need a prompt?

When you think about a professor or TA that has made a difference, consider:

  • How they have inspired you
  • How they have challenged you
  • How they have helped you
  • How they have been there for you
  • How they demonstrated a commitment to your success
  • How they fostered a sense of belonging or community
  • How they introduced you to new ways of thinking, reasoning, and learning
  • How they taught a skill or provided knowledge essential to your intellectual growth, development, education, and future profession
  • How they used a “cool” learning activity, experience, or way of teaching that made a difference

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our faculty!