Advanced Field Botany

BIOL 460/560 @ the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus


Course goals

Thorough a combination of lectures, discussions, keying sessions, and collecting expeditions you will:

  1. 1)Learn to recognize important plant families in the Idaho flora by sight.

  2. 2)Learn to identify unknown plants through the use of keys and published floras.

  3. 3)Learn field collection skills, including how to conduct floristic surveys, collect and press plant specimens, and what data is necessary for a scientifically useful voucher specimen.

  4. 4)Learn standard curatorial practices, including data entry and preparation of herbarium labels, and the use of modern classification systems.

  5. 5)Solidify the principles and philosophies of plant systematics.

  6. 6)Contribute to a growing body of natural history knowledge regarding the flora of Idaho.


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