Access to the interactive course content requires a University of Idaho NetID and password. The interactive multimedia lessons required Windows OS (the interactive lessons are not compatible with other computer operating systems): The interactive study lessons will not run properly with other browsers. There are several aspects that must be set correctly in order for the material to work properly. Set your internet browser for the following:

Required computer system configuration

  Computer system
Required settings
Computer type and memory Windows OS (Apple OS and other operating systems are not supported)
Required software The interactive lessons require a "runtime" version of Toolbook Instructor (free)

To set up your computer for the interactive lessons:
  Select the compressed "Zip" file, tbruntime, to download the runtime program
  Double-click on (or select "open") to the compressed "Zip" file to extract executable file
  Double-click on (or select "open") to run the executable file (select "yes" when prompted)
  Note that this procedure only needs to be done once for the course


Monitor size 17" (13" or 15" monitors, only if high resolution as indicated below). A LCD flat panel of 15" or larger is suitable if set at least to the resolution listed below.
Desktop settings Minimum resolution and color depth: 1280 X 768 | 65,000 (16-bit)
Small fonts or Normal size (96 dpi) | Do not use the desktop setting of "Large fonts"
Network and Internet access Broadband Internet service required (T1 cable, wireless Internet, DSL line, or cable MODEM).
Assessments The Canvas courseware system will be used for all quizzes, examinations, and grades.  Be sure the JAVA software version is current and the pop-up blockers are turned off.
Multimedia Windows Media Player and speakers or headphones