Wildfires in Australia: A focus on burned area emergency rehabilitation
    Peter Robichaud, Research Engineer, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station
Fire in Australia’s Dry Eucalypt Forest: Fuel Structure, Dynamics and Fire Behavior
    Dr. James Gould, Research Leader
Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)
Sustainable Ecosystems Bushfire Dynamics and Application Group
A net of Prescribed burning demonstration sites in three continents (Europe, Africa, and South America) within Fire paradox project (Pending)
    Professor Domingo Molina, Chairman, Unit of Forest Fires (UFF), University of Lleida. In 1994 he was hired as an instructor at the School of Agronomy and Forestry. He has worked in several European Research projects like Fire Paradox, EUFIRELAB, and Fire Torch. Professor Molina leads the Forest Fire Management Professional Master Degree.
Evolution of Fire Management Issues in Europe
    Marc Castellnou, Forester, Wildland Fire Specialist , Responsible for the Catalan Firefighter Agency, Spain
Some Physical Considerations for the Modeling of Wildfire Behavior
    Professor Dominique Morvan, Université de la Méditerranée, France
Fire Propagation Modeling: Making Complex Systems Simple
    Professor Stefano Mazzoleni, Professor of Botany, and Dr. Francesco Giannino, Ph.D in Mathematics
Università di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Fuels and fire behavior across spatial and temporal scales
    Dr. Russ Parsons, Research Ecologist, Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula, Montana, USA
Fire regimes in relation to ecosystems, and biodiversity: A global perspective
    Dr. Michael Jennings, Chief Terrestrial Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy
Searching for integrated fire management: The European Fire Paradox
    Professor Francisco Rego, Center of Applied Ecology, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

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Photographs by: S. Bunting, D. Adams, and R. Robberecht