Consultation - Live | Telephone & direct computer-to-computer connection | Skype video
Contact the professor for information about the course via telephone or video conference
As an alternative to email, you can consult with the professor via telephone or Skype video.

Moscow, Idaho - Pacific Time

1. Email professor to setup a consultation date and time
2. Log into Skype - Make a call with video


Instructions for consultations via Skype video
Required computer system components:
Web video camera (see below for recommended camera models, or built-in webcam), speakers, and microphone (if not built-in to the camera), and video conferencing software (e.g., Skype or Windows Messenger Live).
To contact the professor: Email or telephone for an appointment

Connect via Skype video


Skype is free video conferencing service. Most consumer grade cameras are compatible with the Skype service.