Laws and policy affecting the implementation of vegetation management treatments
    Michael DeArmond, Bureau of Land Management, addresses law and policy relative to vegetation management in forest and woodland ecosystems with an emphasis on stewardship contracting, healthy forest fuels management, and biomass.
Energy development on rangelands: Oil, gas, and wind
    Jerry Taylor, Branch Chief for Lands, Minerals, and Water, Bureau of Land Management.
Domestic sheep in bighorn sheep country
    Margaret Soulen-Hinson, Soulen Livestock

Soulen Livestock is a family owned sheep/cattle ranch that has been operational since the 1920s. The ranch includes an area of over 100,000 acres in conjunction with BLM and Forest Service lands. Soulen Livestock has recently completed a Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances for the greater sage grouse and are actively engaged in collaborative conservation projects on private and public lands.
Living with T&E plants in Idaho: Laws and liabilities
    Mr. Tom Perry, Office of Species Conservation, Boise, Idaho, USA. Mr. Perry serves as Legal Counsel for OSC and provides legal advice to the Office Administrator on a variety of natural resource issues.
Consequences of a sage grouse listing: What can land owners do?
    Joe Hinson, who has over 25 years experience in helping private landowners, agencies, industry, and legislative bodies resolve natural resource conflicts and has in recent years focused his work on Candidate Conservation Agreements for private and public land stewards.
Laws that influence rangeland management and conservation
    Colleen Diener, Jeffers Danielson Sonn & Aylward, PS Law Firm, Wenatchee, Washington