What will climate change mean for Idaho and the interior west?

Drs. Penny Morgan & Jeff Hicke, Organizers
Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences |  Department of Geography
University of Idaho
GEOG 501/FOR 501)

Change climate change in Idaho: Past, present, and future
    Dr. Von Walden, University of Idaho
Climate and fire in the northern Rockies: Past, present & future
    Dr. Penny Morgan, University of Idaho, and Dr. Emily Heyerdahl, USDA, Forest Service
Historical trends and variability in snowpack and streamflow in Idaho: An indication of future conditions
    Dr. Timothy Link, University of Idaho
Carbon sequestration in Idaho carbon sequestration and trading activities in Idaho
    Dr. Jodi Johnson-Maynard, University of Idaho
The biogeography of climate change: Implications for conservation
    Dr. Michael Jennings, The Nature Conservancy
Impacts and uncertainties of climate change on Idaho streams and fish communities
    Dr. Daniel Isaak, USDA Forest Service
Tree establishment in treelines of the Rocky Mountains: Pattern, process, and climate responses
    Dr. Matthew Germino, Idaho State University
Fire and climate in the northern Rockies: Records from the past and implications for the future
    Dr. Jennifer Pierce, Boise State University
Climate change and insect outbreaks: Implications for forest ecosystems
    Dr. Jeffrey Hicke, University of Idaho
Climate change impacts on Idaho's mountainous forested ecosystems: What the trees are telling us
    Dr. Katy Kavanagh, University of Idaho 
Plant climate relationships: Biogeographic, ecologic and genetic impacts of global warming in the West
    Dr. Jerry Rehfeldt, USDA Forest Service (retired)
Economics of carbon sequestration and the carbon market: How do you sell the invisible?
    Dr. Sian Mooney, Boise State University
Media hype, politics, Nobel, and uncertainty: Can a climate change scientist make a difference in the life of a conservationist?
    Dr. Dominique Bachelet, The Nature Conservancy
Foodflation and biofuels: Scarce resources for meeting climate policy
    Dr. Darek Nalle, University of Idaho