National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions
Dr. Stephen Mulkey, Moderator & Program Director
Environmental Science Program, University of Idaho, February 4-5, 2009

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Introduction to the National Teach-In, University of Idaho
Discussion Session
    Stephen Mulkey, Moderator & Director
Environmental Science Program, University of Idaho


Part 1 | Part 2 Climate Justice: How Developing Nations are Affected by Global Warming
Stories on video by:  Sahena | Sharon | Muriel | Martina
    Emma Farnsworth, Vice President, Oxfam America Club, University of Idaho
Webcast: “Solutions for the First 100 Days” |
    Featuring David Orr, Hunter Lovins, Betsy Taylor, Ray Anderson, Dianne Dillon-Ridgely, Jessy Tolkan, Billy Parish and Wahlea Johns
Climate Change 101: What is it and How Will it Affect the Palouse?
    Von Walden & Karen Humes, Department of Geography, University of Idaho
Misunderstanding Climate Change
    Stephen Mulkey, Director, Environmental Science Program, University of Idaho
Designing for Climate Stability
    Panel discussion with faculty and students from the College of Art and Architecture. Bruce Haglund, Jacob Dunn, Heather Bergh, & Phillip Mead, Department of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Idaho.
National Teach-In Welcome address
    Steven Daley-Laursen , President, University of Idaho, and Nancy Chaney, Mayor, City of Moscow.
Keynote Address: Climate Change and Society: Social Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation Strategies
    Professor Gary Machlis, Department of Forest Resources, University of Idaho.
Every Day Solutions: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    Staff, Sustainability Center Student Programs, University of Idaho.
How Do We Measure Up? Assessing the Carbon Footprint of the University of Idaho and City of Moscow
    Panel discussion:
Darin Saul, Director, Sustainability Coordinator and Sustainability Center
Heather Smith, Intern, Landscape Architecture and Sustainability Intern at the City of Moscow, University of Idaho
What Motivates Action?
    Panel Discussion:
Leontina Hormel, Department of Sociology, Adam Sowards, Department of History, Lissa Firor, Sustainability Center, Jim Ekins, CAPP Service Learning Center, Jason Johnstone-Yellin, Department of Philosophy.
University of Idaho
Ecological Future of the Palouse: Planning for a Climate Destabilized World
    (*Note: Audio is temporarily unavailable until time increment 26:31)
Panel discussion:
Lisette Waits, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Penelope Morgan, Department of Forest Resources
J. Michael Scott, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho




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