Access to the course material in Ecology requires a user name and password. This internet course site was designed for use with MS Internet Explorer 6 (The lessons will not run properly with Netscape). There are several aspects that must be set correctly in order for the material to work properly. Set your internet browser for the following:
Maximize your browser (use F11 to maximize window)
Turn off or minimize the text and icon items of your browser menu.

This internet course site uses electronic documents, digitized sound and video, and interactive study lessons. Thus, the following plug-in modules are required. Some Internet functions involve DHTML coding and require at least version 6.0 of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer
Acrobat Reader
Neuron 2004
Windows Media
Real Audio/video

Required computer system configuration

Computer System 


Required Settings

Computer type

Monitor size
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Pentium III processor
256 Mb RAM

17" (15" only if high resolution as indicated below).  A LCD flat panel of 15" or larger is suitable if set at least to the resolution listed below.


Desktop setting

1024 X 768 minimum

Small fonts
(Do not use the desktop setting of "Large fonts")

Color setting 65,000 (16-bit)
Internet access Broadband Internet is highly recommended (T1 cable, wireless Internet, DSL line, cable MODEM). Downloading time for course materials will be slow with a 56 kbps MODEM
Browser Internet Explorer 6
(Netscape will not run the lessons properly)

Note. See "Tips" section for additional assistance on the correct settings for Internet Explorer.


Browser plug-in Neuron 2004, set to "non-secure mode"
Multimedia Sound card and speakers, Windows Media Player, RealAudio/Video
Note! If your browser does not close after the lesson ends, use ALT F4 to close the Internet Explorer window after you have closed the lesson. Depending on the network speed and your internet connection, the lesson can take a few seconds to a several minutes to load (a Neuron logo will be displayed during loading). After the lesson has started, all sections of the lesson should execute with minimal delay.