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Opportunities of Graduate Study in Plant Ecophysiology


There are many opportunities for graduate study in the area of plant ecophysiology. Graduate programs leading toward a M.S. or Ph.D. degree are designed around the student's interests and career goals. Listed below are some areas in which graduate students have participated. These projects involve a combination of laboratory, glasshouse, and field experiments in experimental designs that take a mechanistic approach. The experiments generally employ a variety of instruments for characterizing both the microenvironment and plant response (e.g., dataloggers, computers, and instrumentation to measure photosynthesis, water relations, temperature stress, growth).

Central university walkway in autumnBecause the University of Idaho and Washington State University (8 miles west of Moscow, Idaho) can coordinate courses and facilities for graduate study in plant ecophysiology, graduate students have the opportunity to benefit from a greater variety of courses, facilities, and faculty than exist at either university alone. Thus, graduate programs can be designed to encompass faculty, courses, and facilities from both schools. This complimentary situation provides students with unique opportunities for a comprehensive program in plant ecophysiology.

Faculty at the University of Idaho in plant ecophysiology and related specialties.

Faculty at Washington State University with programs in plant ecophysiology and related specialties.
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Opportunities for Scholarships and Financial Aid


The availability of Graduate Research Assistantships for M.S. and Ph.D. students is generally dependent on grants awarded to faculty for a particular research project, thus prospective students should inquire directly for the availability of such assistantships. Additional sources of financial aid include Teaching Assistantships and scholarships at the departmental and college level. [See Scholarships in the College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences.]

Selected Courses Available in Ecophysiology and Related Fields


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