Caldwell, M.M., R. Robberecht, and S.D. Flint. 1983. Internal filters: Prospects for UV-acclimation in higher plants. Physiologia Plantarum 58:445-450.

Abstract. Wavelength-selective absorption of solar radiation within plant leaves allows penetration of visible radiation (400-700 nm) to the chloroplasts, while removing much of the damaging ultraviolet-B (UV-B, 280-320 nm) radiation. Flavonoids are important in this wavelength-selective absorption. Induction of flavonoid synthesis by solar radiation, and specifically by UV-B radiation, is discussed as this relates to the potential acclimation of plants to enhanced solar UV-B radiation that would result from stratospheric ozone reduction.

This research was supported with grants from the United States National Science Foundation (DEB 76-22381), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-CR-808167010), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NAS-9-14871).