Definition:  Peer mentoring is the process of improving knowledge, skills, and the way-of-being through an interpersonal relationship based on the combination of reflecting on previous experiences, extracting new meaning, framing future challenges and modeling enriched learning practices. 

ELE peer mentors are undergraduates working closely with small student teams within the engineering design classroom.  Students accelerate learning by practicing open communication and team management skills along side the mentors.  Mentors continually sharpen team skills and communication skills by coaching and intervening in the student team setting.

Purpose and Vision

The Peer Mentoring Program greatly increases classroom learning by using a set of research-based, best mentoring practices.  Foundational values support effective practices as mentors develop classroom and training materials, solicit feedback and lead student learning.  Students build identity as professional engineers as they break from the traditional student behavior culture.  Benefits far outweigh the costs.  Open the discussion topics and discover the unique value of the University of Idaho’s peer mentoring program. 


Value of the individual

Passion for learning

Alignment with natural learning

Collaboration in learning

Growth of skills over time

Value in feedback

Environment of success

Goals of the Peer Mentoring Program


To increase student learning and to enrich the engineering experience through technical competency.


To increase student learning and to enrich the engineering experience through professional practices useful in real-world design environments.


To design and use instructional materials developed in part by peer mentors.


To introduce and use classroom practices that build teams, guide feedback, model mentoring values, and promote individual growth of mentors and students.


To research and develop mentoring methods aligned with the sciences of learning where we advance mentoring, mentor training, and use of mentors practices.