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Mathematics Education at UI

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Mathematics Education Initiatives at University of Idaho


  • Making Mathematics Reasoning Explicit (MMRE) -- a 5-year NSF Math Science Partnership Grant (2011-2016)

This $5 million grant is a collaboration between University of Idaho, Washington State University, and a consortium of rural districts in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Our goal is to develop teacher leaders in Grades 4-12 who promote mathematical reasoning, generalization, and justification in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

The first cohort includes the following school districts in WA and ID: Bridgeport, Brewster, Creston, Davenport, Grand Coulee Dam, and Wilbur, Boundary County, Kellogg, Lake Pend Oreille, West Bonner, and Sandpoint Charter.

MMRE MSPnet site

UI MMRE press release

University of Idaho

• Rob Ely, co-PI (assistant professor, Mathematics) --

• Anne Adams, co-PI (assistant professor, Curriculum and Instruction) --

• Jennifer Johnson-Leung, co-PI (assistant professor, Mathematics) --

Washington State University

• Libby Knott, PI (professor, Mathematics)

• Jo Olson, co-PI (assistant professor, Teaching and Learning) --

• Tom Asaki, (associate professor, Mathematics) --

K-12 Administration

• Jim Kowalkowski, co-PI (superintendent, Davenport School District; director, Washington Rural Education Center) --

  • Idaho Mathematics Endorsement Program

A new program developed in collaboration between the universities and colleges in Idaho and the Idaho Department of Education.

Idaho Math Consulting Teacher License -This license is for teachers who wish to serve as math coaches, curriculum coordinators, or who just want to be mathematics leaders in their districts. The coursework involves these content areas plus an additional leadership course, portfolio, and a minimum of 3 years of in-service teaching experience.

Elementary and Middle-Grades Endorsements -These endorsements are for teachers with an elementary certificate who wish to specialize in mathematics at the elementary grades, or for teachers with a secondary certificate in an area other than mathematics who wish to be highly qualified to teach mathematics. Idaho universities allow for a variety of math courses, usually around 20 credits; the courses to the right have been designed specifically for these students.

Endorsement courses are being developing in the following areas:

• Proportional Reasoning

• From Arithmetic to Algebra

• Algebraic and Functional Reasoning

• Geometry and Measurement

• Data Analysis and Probability

• Mathematical Thinking for Instruction K-3, 4-8, and 6-12 (courses developed for the Idaho Math Initiative, through Boise State University)

For more information about these courses, contact Rob Ely ( at UI or the Initiative for Developing Mathematical Thinking at Boise State (


  • WSU/UI Mathematics Education Seminar

Seminar schedule and information

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