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Gilgamesh Photos and Links

Gilg overview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_of_Gilgamesh#History

Ancient Images of The Epic of Gilgamesh:

From the Palace of Sargon II, Babylonian, c. 750 BC (Louvre, Paris)






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Code of Hammurabi
All photos from Louvre, Paris:
Cuniform "Rolls"

Assyro-Babylonian Mythology/Creation Myths:
When on high the heaven had not been named,
Firm ground below had not been called by name,
Naught but primordial Apsu, their begetter,
[And] Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,
Their waters co-mingling as a single body;
No reed hut had been matted, no marsh land had appeared,
When no gods whatever had been brought into being,
Uncalled by name, their destinies undetermined--;
Then it was that the gods were formed within them.
From: The Enuma Elish: Babylonian story of the creation  (c1900-1300 BC)
Comparisons toHebrew Bible

Comparison of the Babylonian and Noachian flood stories