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Review of Basic Statistical Concepts

Due Dates: See Schedule
  1. Under Activities To Do there are a number of Modules for you to review.
  2. The Audio w/ Lecture Notes link contains most of the lesson materials.
  3. The Printable Notes are Acrobat Reader files (PDF).
  4. Do any practice problems that you feel would be useful.
  5. Do any homework that is assigned for that module.

Read Manly, Appendix A and/or use any introductory statistics book.

Lesson Description
This module is designed to help you get back up-to-speed on the material from the statistics class that you took last semester, last year, or 10 years ago.  If itís been some time, I donít require that you re-take an introductory course; however, you do need to review until you are comfortable with the material.

If you didnít think that your Introductory Statistics textbook was your most valuable possession and keep it in safe place, you may want to get a hold of a basic text for review purposes. You could buy one, borrow one or get one from a library.

To begin this lesson, I would recommend going through Modules 1.1 and 1.2 and reviewing Appendix A of the textbook. If everything is fresh and clear, youíre probably ok to go ahead and work on Problem Set 1.You may want to take a look at the Practice Problems to make sure you are doing things correctly.

If the concepts seem familiar but you canít really remember how to do a hypothesis test, how to make a histogram, how to calculate a standard deviation, how to construct a confidence interval (or any other of the review material), then spend some time now with the Introductory Textbook. Then work through the Practice Problems. Once you are more comfortable, go to the Problem Set. Itís due to be turned in the third week of class so you will have a chance to ask questions in class and/or the chat room prior to that time.

Donít forget to participate in the Threaded Discussion this week.

Activities To Do

Note: Real Player is required to listen to the web lectures. High and Low options have the same content. Low just works better over a modem. Acrobat Reader is required to view the Printable notes.
Module 1.1
Low bandwidth optionLecture with Audio  24:02
Printable NotesPrintable Notes
Module 1.2
Low bandwidth optionLecture with Audio  12:45
Printable NotesPrintable Notes
Practice Problems
Work Practice Problem 1 (get through Blackboard ) if needed.

Acrobat Reader needed
Evaluation: Homework/Exams
Begin work on Problem Set 1.
Threaded Discussion

Participate in the discussion. Post at least one comment to each of the questions posed by the instructor. In addition, post your own questions and thoughts on the lesson.
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We'll use the Threaded Discussion to decide if and when we might Chat. If we do, we'll meet in the Chat Room Password Protected - See Help Section


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