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USEPA probit analysis Program v1.5 (Zipped file: probit.exe)

Save to your computer in a new folder, then double click on zip to open. Select output to disk file when running the program. The results will appear as a .txt file in the new folder that you can open with Word Pad/Note Pad.

Cholinesterase Inhibitors - Flash animation
"Cleaning California Skies"
12 mins
Dance of the Daphnia
2 mins
Enterohepatic Recirculation - Flash Animation
12 mins
Environmental Impact of War
28 mins
Eye on Progress: Rocky Mountain Arsenal
12 mins
Hanford Cleanup: Protecting the Columbia River
DOE Video - Hanford Streaming Media Archive
9 mins
Hudson River PCB Story: A Toxic Heritage
27 mins
PBS: "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring"
57 mins
PBS: "Frontline: Fooling with Nature"Password Protected
60 mins
Phosphorus Mining
27 mins
S Fire Impacts, AECI, near Cape Town, South Africa
2 mins
Selenium and Wildlife, A. Fairbrother, DVM, Ph.D.
3 mins
Selenium in the Caribou National Forest, J. Jones
5 min
Superfund Site: Berkeley Pit
5 mins
Superfund Site: Bunkerhill, Jerry Cobb Interview
16 mins
Superfund Site: Montana Pole
9 mins