Faculty Senate



 3:30 p.m., January 15, 2019

Paul Joyce Faculty-Staff Lounge (Brink) & Zoom

Order of Business

"pdf" packet for meeting.


I.       Call to Order.


II.      Minutes. 

III.     Consent Agenda.


IV.     Chair’s Report. 


V.       Provost’s Report. 


VI.     Unfinished Business and General Orders. 

VII.    Other Announcements and Communications. 

VIII. Committee Reports.        


                University Curriculum Committee:

FS-19-026 (UCC-19-029a): New Sales Management Minor (Scott Metlen/Sanjay Sisodiya)(vote)

FS-19-027 (UCC-19-029b): New Marketing Option (Scott Metlen/Sanjay Sisodiya)(vote)

FS-19-028 (UCC-19-037): New Philosophy, Political, and Economics Minor (Graham Hubbs) (vote)


IX. Special Orders. (Deb Shaver/Casey Inge)(FYI)


               Summary Table

  • FS-19-029: APM 45.05 – Early Setup and Advance Funding of Sponsored Project Budgets (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-030: APM 45.06 – Allowable and Unallowable Sponsored Project Expenditures (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-031: APM 45.08 – Cost Sharing (Match) on Sponsored Projects (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-032: APM 45.09 – Effort Reporting and Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-033: APM 45.10 – Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Rate (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-034: APM 45.11 – Notice of Grant Awards Ending (cover)

  • FS-19-035: APM 45.12 – Sponsored Project Closeout and Recordkeeping Responsibilities (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-036: APM 45.13 – Program Income on Sponsored Projects (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-037: APM 45.14 – Sponsored Projects Changes Requiring Prior Approval from Sponsor (cover)(clean)

  • FS-19-038: APM 45.22 – Eligibility, Competency and Administrative Effort Requirements for Principal Investigators, Co-Principal Investigators, and/or Project Directors (cover)(clean)

X.     New Business.

XI.    Adjournment.


Professor Aaron Johnson, Chair 2018-2019, Faculty Senate