Faculty Senate


 3:30-5:00 p.m., February 12, 2019

Paul Joyce Faculty-Staff Lounge (Brink) & Zoom

Order of Business

"pdf" packet for meeting.


I.       Call to Order.


II.      Minutes. 

III.     Consent Agenda.


IV.     Chairís Report. 


V.       Provostís Report. 


VI.     Unfinished Business and General Orders. 


VII.    Other Announcements and Communications. 


VIII.  Committee Reports.        


                Faculty/Staff Policy Group:

  • FS-19-052: FSH 3730 - Retirement Privileges and Programs (Brandi Terwilliger)(cover)(vote)

                University Curriculum Committee:

  • FS-19-055 (UCC-19-045): New Minor Plant Protection (Ed Lewis)

  • FS-19-056 (UCC-19-046 and UCC-19-046a): Agricultural Commodity Risk Management Certificate (Aaron Johnson)

  • FS-19-057 (UCC-19-047): Masters of Accountancy (Darryl Woolley)

  • FS-19-058 (UCC-19-048): FSH 1640.91 Ė UCC Structure Change add Law (cover)(Liz Brandt)

IX.   Special Orders. 


X.   New Business.

  • FS-19-053: FSH 3340 - Performance Evaluation of Staff Employees (Wes Matthews)(cover)

  • FS-19-054: APM 50.21 - Documenting and addressing Unsatisfactory Performance of Classified Staff (Wes Matthews)(cover)

XI.    Adjournment.


Professor Aaron Johnson, Chair 2018-2019, Faculty Senate