Faculty Senate

  • To be eligible to vote, faculty must attend the meeting or participate in person at one of the senate approved two-way video sites listed below.

  • Faculty at off-campus sites will receive a separate email with a URL to access the meeting live should they be unable to attend any of the sites in person.

  • Streaming media access of the meeting will be accessible the day after the meeting here.





Wednesday, May 1, 2019

3:00-4:30 p.m. (pt) 4:00-5:30 p.m. (mt)


Moscow - Vandal Ballroom Bruce M. Pitman Center; Boise - IWC 248A; Coeur d'Alene - HC 145C; Idaho Falls - TAB 350; Twin Falls - B-66


Note:  Those who attend via the live webcast can send questions by email to president-questions@uidaho.edu.



President Chuck Staben Presiding.

Call to Order.

In Memoriam.

Minutes.   Meeting of December 5, 2018 (draft)


Special Orders.

Report of the Faculty Senate 


I. Proposed Changes/Additions to the Faculty-Staff Handbook (FSH) and Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)



Faculty-Staff Handbook (vote) 


Secretary of the Faculty/Policy Coordinator:

FS-19-071:  FSH 1570 – Secretary of the Faculty (cover)

FS-19-072:  FSH 1520 – Constitution of the University Faculty (requires quorum & 2/3rd affirmative vote)(cover)

FS-19-073:  FSH 1580 – Bylaws of Faculty Senate (requires quorum & majority vote)(cover)

FS-19-075:  FSH 1640.41 – Faculty/Staff Policy Group (cover)

FS-19-076:  FSH 1640.28 – Committee on Committees (cover)

FS-19-077:  FSH 1640.42 – Faculty Affairs (cover)

FS-19-078:  FSH 1460 – University-wide Policy Development Statement and Process (cover)



FS-19-052:  FSH 3730 – Retirement Privileges and Programs (cover)

FS-19-064:  FSH 3720 – Sabbatical Leave (cover)


Performance & Accreditation Related:

FS-19-053:  FSH 3340 – Performance Evaluation of Staff Employees (see APM 50.21 below)(cover)

FS-19-063:  FSH 3320 C – Administrator Evaluation (cover)

FS-19-080:  FSH 3420 – Faculty Salaries (cover)

FS-19-087:  FSH 4700 – General Responsibilities of Instructors (cover)


Committee Changes:

FS-19-024:  FSH 1640.46 – Arts Committee (cover)

FS-19-058:  FSH 1640.91 – UCC Structure Change add Law (cover)

FS-19-062:  FSH 1640.08 – Admissions Committee (cover)

FS-19-082:  FSH 1640.22 – Campus Planning (cover)

FS-19-083:  FSH 1640.40 – Instructional Space Committee (cover)

FS-19-084:  FSH 1640.90 – General Education Assessment Committee (cover)

FS-19-088:  FSH 1640.12 – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (cover)


Miscellaneous (informational – minor edits no substantive changes proposed):

FS-19-067:  FSH 1520 – Constitution of the University Faculty (cover)

FS-19-068:  FSH 1566 – Appointment to Faculty Status (cover)

Administrative Procedures Manual (informational)

FS-19-029:  APM 45.05 – Early Setup and Advance Funding of Sponsored Project Budgets (cover)

FS-19-030:  APM 45.06 – Allowable and Unallowable Sponsored Project Expenditures (cover)

FS-19-031:  APM 45.08 – Cost Sharing (Match) on Sponsored Projects (cover)

FS-19-032:  APM 45.09 – Effort Reporting and Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) (cover)

FS-19-033:  APM 45.10 – Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Rate (cover)

FS-19-034:  APM 45.11 – Notice of Grant Awards Ending (cover)

FS-19-035:  APM 45.12 – Sponsored Project Closeout and Recordkeeping Responsibilities (cover)

FS-19-036:  APM 45.13 – Program Income on Sponsored Projects (cover)

FS-19-037:  APM 45.14 – Sponsored Projects Changes Requiring Prior Approval from Sponsor (cover)

FS-19-038:  APM 45.22 – Eligibility, Competency and Administrative Effort Requirements for Principal Investigators, Co-Principal Investigators, and/or Project Directors (cover)

FS-19-054:  APM 50.21 – Documenting & Addressing Unsatisfactory Performance of Classified Staff (cover)

FS-19-085:  APM 30.15 – Password Policy (cover)

FS-19-086:  APM 30.07 – User Provided Software (cover)

FS-19-089:  APM 45.01 – Animal Care and Use (cover)


II. Proposed Changes to the University of Idaho Catalog

President’s Remarks.




Adjournment.  Light refreshments will be available at the meeting.


Liz Brandt

Secretary of the Faculty, 885-6151



NOTE:  107 faculty members (both on- and off-campus) constitute a quorum.  Recently approved quorum and voting regulations can be viewed at FSH 1520 Article III with the goal to actively include off-campus faculty participation in faculty meeting.  To determine your voting right as a faculty member please see FSH 1520 Article II Section I.  Those who are recognized by the president for the purpose of speaking should identify themselves by name and discipline or position.