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Lecture 1 - Introduction to Food Toxicology

Course requirements, motivation for undertaking this course of study.

Lecture 2 - History of US Food Regulation

Historical overview of the interface of food and government.

Lecture 3 - Concepts of Toxicology

Core concepts in toxicology that form the basis of further study.

Lecture 4 - Pesticide Residues in Food

A review and update on the science and regulation of food-use pesticides.

Lecture 5 - Dose-Response Relationships

"Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison" -Paracelsus.

Lecture 6 - Absorption of Toxicants

Where chemistry meets biology.

Lecture 7 - Distribution and Storage of Toxicants

Pathway analysis of intoxication.

Lecture 8 - Biotransformation and Elimination of Toxicants

The guys in the white hats fight back.

Lecture 9 - Target Organ Toxicity

Neurotoxic, nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic...

Lecture 10 - Teratogenesis, Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis

Toxic reactions with the molecules of life.

Lecture 11 - Food Allergy

The basics of food allergens and their effects.

Lecture 12 - Food Intolerance and Metabolic

Hazard estimation in exposure scenarios.

Midterm Exam I

Lecture 13 - Food Additive Safety Assessment

The processes involved for the risk analysis and regulation of additives.

Lecture 14 - Toxicology of Selected Food Additives

A highlight of selected food additives with more frequent problems.

Lecture 15 - Genetically Modified Organisms in Food

A briefing on the science and issues of GMO food.

Lecture 16 - Food Irradiation

Background on the processes, promises, and toxicological concerns.

Lecture 17 - Natural Toxins in Plants and Fungi: The Ecological Biochemistry of Food

The biochemical warfare of nature.

Lecture 18 - Toxic Mold and Mycotoxins

A review of the major classes of food mold and the related toxins.

Lecture 19 - Marine Toxins in Food

Seafood safety.

Lecture 20 - Naturally Occurring Toxicants as Etiologic Agents of Foodborne Disease

Exploring the linkage between human foodborne toxicosis and foods.

Lecture 21 - Bacterial Toxigenesis

Bacterial endotoxins, exotoxins, and food.

Lecture 22 - Animal Drug Residues in Food

Veterinary medicine, food production, risks and benefits.

Lecture 23 - Toxicants Formed During Food Processing

Heat, enzymes, oxidation and food toxicology.

Midterm Exam II

Lecture 24 - Dioxin and Related Compounds in the Human Food Chain

A review of dioxin-like compounds and their toxicological concern.

Lecture 25 - Human Health Risk Assessment of Lead and Arsenic

Heavy metal(oid)s and food.

Lecture 26 - Mercury in the Human Food Chain

Environmental mercury, methyl-mercury and human toxicity.

Lecture 27 - Frontiers of Food Toxicology

A look to the challenges beyond.

Course Review (Informal Q&A)

Final Exam

Open Online