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PREAMBLE: This section describes the various periods of time for which faculty may be appointed and what the service obligations of faculty are during their appointments. It also notes what kinds of teaching services are not covered in the basic appointment. This section combines two sections of the 1979 Handbook, both of which have undergone only editorial changes since their appearance. Unless otherwise noted, the text is as of July1996. Section C was removed in 2002 with the approval of new language in 3480. Further information is available from the Provost's Office (208-885-6448) or the Office of the Faculty Secretary (208-885-6151). [ed. 7-00, rev. 7-02]




A. Periods of Appointment

B. Service Obligation


A. PERIODS OF APPOINTMENT. Professional academic personnel are regularly appointed for service either (1) during the academic year (in this context, the "academic year" encompasses the nine full months ending the day after the close of the spring semester) or (2) for the fiscal year beginning on July 1.



    B-1. Academic-Year Appointments (see 3710 B-1 c). Academic-year appointees are liable for duty assignments and are accountable for their service to UI throughout the nine-month period specified in A. This period normally begins before the official opening of the fall semester and before the date that is set by the appointee's dean for mandatory return to on-campus duty.  These employees may, alternatively, be permitted to account for service during some mutually agreed different, but equivalent, period (i.e., to engage in research, prepare for classes, advise students, participate in new-student orientation, or perform similar academic functions). [ed. 1-12]


    B-2. Fiscal-Year Appointments (see 3710 B-1 b). Fiscal-year appointees are obligated to perform services for UI throughout the year. Taking eligibility for vacation leave into account, this amounts to approximately 11 months of service each year. [ed. 1-12]

    B-3. Service. Full-time appointments assume full-time service, but faculty members may engage in outside consulting as provided in 3260.


    B-4. Summer Session Appointments.


      a. Full-time summer appointments generally call for a basic teaching load of six or seven credits during eight weeks of service. If the basic teaching load is less than six credits or requires less than eight weeks of service, the summer salary may be prorated accordingly. In addition to the basic teaching load of six or seven credits, faculty load may be increased by the assignment of students registered for research and thesis, directed study, etc. Furthermore, faculty members on summer appointment are expected to perform other routine duties, such as student advising and committee work. [See also 3420 E-4.]


      b. The selection of faculty members to teach during summer session is based on program needs. In some cases it may be desirable to appoint visiting faculty instead of resident faculty members.


      c. Summer appointments are made as soon as practicable following final development of the summer program. This generally means that a faculty member may be approached by the departmental administrator or dean as early as the preceding September to ascertain his or her interest in teaching during the following summer session. The plan for the summer program is generally completed by February 1, and recommendations for summer appointments are normally submitted to the president in March or April.


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