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PREAMBLE: This section outlines the basic structure of the academic year and includes planning calendars for fall semester, spring semester, summer session, and the intersession. The material assembled here all appeared in the 1979 Handbook. Subsection A was modified in February of 1991 by the removal of a requirement that the regents approve all annual calendars. Subsection B has been updated from time to time to keep the calendars presented there useful while subsection C was revised in 1984 and again in 1989 to reflect the changing demands of summer scheduling. Subsection D, which reflects and makes explicit long-standing practice, was added in 2001. In January 2015 the calendar was updated and reformatted. In January 2019 changes were needed for the fall 2019 and 2026 dates. For further information, contact the Registrarís Office (208-885-6731). [ed. 7-97, 7-01, rev. 1-15, 1-19]


A. Academic Calendar

B. Planning Calendars

C. Summer Scheduling Plan

D. Intersession Scheduling Plan

A. ACADEMIC CALENDAR. Each academic year includes two 16-week semesters, a summer session between Spring and Fall Semesters, an intersession between Fall and Spring semesters, and short courses that fall within one of these standard sessions. The Fall semester ends shortly before Christmas; the Fall and Spring semesters together must include at least 160 instructional days, including the final-examination period. Changes in the established pattern for the academic calendar require approval by the Faculty Senate and the university faculty. [ed. 7-01, 7-09]

B. PLANNING CALENDARS. For planning purposes, the pattern of the academic calendar in effect for 2014-15 has been projected through the year 2027-28 as shown in calendar link below. In each year there are 79 instructional days in the fall semester and 81 in the spring. [ed. 7-98, 7-02, 7-04, 1-15]

C. Summer Scheduling Plan and D. Intersession Scheduling Plan can be accessed through the Academic Calendar link below:  

       pdf:    Academic Calendars


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