CHAPTER 4: General Academic Policies


New or Expanded Academic Programs 4110
Catalog Change Procedures 4120
Standard Course Numbers 4130
Curricular Co-ordination with Other Idaho Institutions 4210
Academic Co-operation Between UI and Neighboring Institutions of Higher Education 4220
Affiliation Agreements 4230
Continuing Education and Correspondence Study 4250
Teacher Education 4300
Academic Advising and Counseling 4310
Board Policy on Intercollegiate Athletics 4320
UI Organization of Intercollegiate Athletics 4325
International Students 4330
Educationally Disadvantaged and Minority Students 4340
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) 4400
Inquiries From Prospective Students 4500
Academic Scheduling 4610
Academic Calendars 4620
General Responsibilities of Instructors 4700
Language Skills 4800
Granting of Degrees and of Honors at Graduation 4910
Awarding Doctoral Degrees to Members of the Faculty 4920
Honorary Degrees 4930
Commencement 4980
Academic Regalia 4990