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Data Collection

In August 2010, the Computational Hydrology Group performed a LiDAR scan of portions of Crystal Cave (in Sequoia National Park), using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS). The result is this 3-D point cloud of terrain data showing various cave features.

Geochemical sampling of hot springs near Borax Lake in the Alvord Basin of southeast Oregon.

Students measure pH and temperature along Paradise Creek in Moscow, ID, as part of a hydrogeology class field exercise.

Installation of peisometer and temperature probes to measure hysteresis in Lolo Creek, northern Idaho.
Measuring of hot springs temperatures in the Alvord Basin, southeast Oregon.

Ground temperature mapping at Mickey Hot Springs, southeast Oregon.

Deployment of a HOBO datalogger in a high-temperature geothermal vent near Borax Lake, southeast Oregon.
Geomicrobiological sampling at Vulcan Hot Springs in central Idaho.

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