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Conceptual  model of geothermal fluid circulation in an active fault zone   The Computational Hydrology Group (CHG) is home to interdisciplinary studies covering a wide range of topics, including geothermal systems, groundwater/structure interactions, biogeochemical cycling, and environmental hydraulics. The unique blend of researchers that comprise the CHG includes hydrologists, geochemists, microbiologists, and geologists, all of whom employ sophisticated computational tools to the study of natural systems. We don't spend all our time staring at computer screens, though! Our work takes us to field sites in Hawaii, New Zealand, and the intermountain western United States; with new projects developing all the time, you're likely to meet one of us exploring lava tubes on "The Big Island," measuring temperatures in Basin and Range hot springs, or surveying Inka ruins in Peru. Feel free to browse these web pages to learn more about our group, or email Dr. Jerry Fairley at for more information.

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