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Turning of the Wheel: the Interplay of the Unique and the Universal

a Humanities Exploration into the University of Idaho Community and Beyond


Who are we?  How are we defining ourselves and our University of Idaho community?  What is the interplay between our diversity and our universality?

How we conceptualize the interplay between the unique and the universal, between the diverse spokes and common hub/rim of the Wheel has far reaching implications on our capacities for communication and collaboration, for discovery and creativity, for tolerance, respect and empathy, for building and sustaining local and global community.   The relationship of the particular and ubiquitous directly affects the learning, research, creativity and civility among and between the students and faculty of the University of Idaho community, and beyond. 

In an era of entrenched, seemingly mutually-exclusive, partisan politics, respecting our differences and finding "common ground" are all the more critical.

To address these intriguing albeit ambitious questions you're invited to take a journey through a series of talks and performances, exhibits and readings, interactive discussions and experiences throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of 2011-12.   Our Humanities Exploration will draw from the university - its students and faculty - to help inform and celebrate the university - its students and faculty - and beyond.   Letís see what awaits.   I'm honored to be your guide, Rodney Frey, Distinguished Humanities Professor.

Final Report (28 June 2012)

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The Distinguished Humanities Professor award is funded through the University of Idaho Humanities Endowment, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and by gifts from Friends of the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences.  The purpose of the Humanities Endowment is to enhance humanities teacher and increase awareness of and appreciation for the Humanities.   Turning wheel design by Barbara Hamm.