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INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH - Formative Assessment of Teaching
     Formative Assessment of Teaching (FAsT) has one purpose:
          •To assist individual instructors in their efforts to continuously improve and refine their teaching skills.
FAsT is a survey tool designed to be used by individual instructors during the semester to create customized, anonymous surveys to gather information from their students. Questions and responses are only visible to the instructor creating a survey for their own course and student responses are anonymous.
Please note:        •All surveys must be completed by two days before the Student Evaluation of Teaching begins. We do not wish to create a conflict with the official Student Evaluation of Teaching System that takes place at the end of each semester.

Creating a Survey            

          •Select a course from your list and click ‘Create Survey.’
          •Choose the end-date for the survey window.
          •Create Likert- and comment-type questions (up to 5 of each).
          •Click "Save Draft."
          •Edit email introduction if you wish.
          •Click "Send" to email the U of I students registered for your class.

            (Click here for hints on designing a survey)


Likert questions are on a scale of 0 to 4. The email sent to students can be edited by the instructor and surveys may be edited until the first student responds to the survey. A window of about 1 week is recommended for each survey. Surveys may be copied and edited, then used again for the same or another course.


          The FAsT homepage will show you how many students have responded to your survey and a response rate. Once there is at least one response, a "View Report" link will show next to the Response Rate.


          •This system draws its data from Banner. Thus, students listed in Banner as currently enrolled both at the University of Idaho and in each class will be sent your survey via email. The email address used will be the official University of Idaho email assigned to the student. You may want any other students to fill out a hardcopy.

          •Use for instructional improvement does not need IRB approval. If there is potential use for research and publication, IRB approval is required.

Begin Creating your FAsT Survey Here


FAQs Here

IMPORTANT: Netscape and Firefox web browsers or Macintosh computers may have trouble with the FAsT system. For best results, use a recent version of Internet Explorer on a PC platform.