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Credit Hours

Report Name MS Excel PDF Documents Last Updated
Credit Hours Spreadsheet Format List of PDF Format 7/3/14
This credit hour information is drawn using fall and spring end-of-semester data. The students enrollments include all students who were registered or withdrew from the courses after the 4th week of classes.  Courses were assigned to departments and colleges based on the department of the faculty, using the latest information for each faculty member available on the university administrative systems.  (We accessed the SIRDPCL data, using the "Student-Registrations" data sets on the DSS data warehouse.  UI administrative users can view faculty assignments in this table using Banner form SIAINST.)
Class size distributions and averages were computed after combining cross-listed courses.  Within cross-listed sections, the subject-course-section with the highest enrollment in that term was chosen as the class for the analyses; the class size was determined based on the combined enrollment in all the sections cross-listed.