Fall 2017

Principal Investigator

Rajal G. Cohen, Ph.D.

My research uses tools and concepts from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and kinesiology to inform and inspire questions about posture and voluntary movement - in healthy young adults as well as in the context of Parkinson's disease, aging, and musculoskeletal pain. Recently we have looked at which cognitive factors are associated with postural alignment and gait in healthy older adults, at how postural tone affects neck pain, and at how biofeedback may cause a tradeoff between postural alignment and computer task performance. We are also involved in some multi-site intervention studies and neuroimaging studies. Click here to view my ResearchGate profile, here to view my Google Scholar citations, here to view a list of my peer-reviewed publication list on PubMed, and here to view my University of Idaho profile.

Ph.D. Students

Jason Baer M.S.

Jason completed an MS in Human Factors at the University of Idaho, and is continuing his work on a neuroscience PhD at the university. His current research in the Mind in Movement Lab investigates the influence of inhibitory control and attention on seated computer work, specifically as it relates to forward head posture and neck pain in computer users. This work explores the use of postural biofeedback in the context of a dual-task paradigm, to euclidate the tradeoff produced when attempting to attend to posture while completing cognitive tasks.

Daniel Kral M.A., M.Sc.

Dan graduated with an MA in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen and an MSc in Health Psychology from University College London, where he was involved in research on motor control and physical activity. His work at the Mind in Movement lab includes research on the prevention of fall risk in healthy older adults and collaboration on projects using Alexander technique for people with Parkinson's disease. Currently, he is looking at optimizing the effects of rhythmic auditory stimulation on movement in Parkinson's disease.

Ramyaa Ravichandra B.B.A.

Ramyaa graduated from the City University of New York Baruch College with a BBA in I/O Psychology and Computer Information Systems (Data Analytics). As an undergraduate student, she worked on projects investigating stereotype threat and the sense of belonging differences among students in STEM fields. She also worked research related to gender differences and sabotage. She is currently pursuing her MS at the University of Idaho and is interested in research relating to Parkinson's disease, aging design, applying human factors to healthcare and virtual reality.

Undergraduate Students

Alena Belland
Jordan Becker
Dean Cisco
Hannah Elfering
Brianna Lima
Jennifer Magana
Teresa Moote
Skylar Soelberg
Wilson Trusty

Collaborators (alphabetical)

Jason Aldred (Neurology) at Northwest Neurological in Spokane, WA
Tim Cacciatore (Neuroscience) at University College London
Shawn Copeland (Music, Alexander Technique) at University of Idaho
Monika Gross (Alexander Technique) at The Poise Project
Fay Horak (PT, Physiology) at Oregon Health & Science University
Maya Katz (MD, Neurology) at UCSF School of Medicine
Tom Liu (Neuroimaging) at University of California, San Diego
Bryn Martin (Engineering, Neuroimaging) at University of Idaho
Craig McGowan (Biology) at University of Idaho
Tara McIsaac (Physical Therapy) at Arizona School of Health Sciences
Robert Rinker (Computer Science) at University of Idaho
Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe (Psychology) at Washington State University
Anita Vasavada (Bioengineering) at Washington State University
Michelle Wiest (Statistics) at University of Idaho
Eric Wolbrecht (Mechanical Engineering) at University of Idaho

Alumni (chronological)

Justin Davich
Ryan Seymore
Tyler Farmer
Johanna Hoecketstaller
Amelia Warden
Erin Morrissey
Britany Smith
Isabella Orr
Abigail Villeneuve
Kennedy Woods
Yadira Zuniga
Addison Johnson
Brittanee West
Emily Botterbusch
Makayla Sundquist