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Class Schedule/Deliverables & Project Information (at bottom)


Summer 2018 (General Sessions in EP 209 unless otherwise specified)

Date Day Topic/Deliverable
6/11 M GENERAL SESSION #1 - Course Overview and Schedule
                                 Project Options & Project Bid Portfolios
DUE: Project Bid Portfolio - by 5:00 pm in Dr. Beyerlein's mailbox in ME office (EP 324)
6/12 Tu GENERAL SESSION #2 - Team Formation & Contract, Set up Instructor/Team Meeting Times
6/13 W GENERAL SESSION #3 - Shop Orientation (GJ Design Suite)
6/14 Th GENERAL SESSION #4 - Brainstorm/Organize Client Interview Questions
                                 Budget estimates (use template)
DUE:  Initiate contact with client and make introductions (cc: lead instructor)
6/18 M GENERAL SESSION #5 - Product Development Process
                                 Problem Statement & Product Requirements
                                 Engineering Logbooks
DUE:  Completed Team Contract
DUE:  Client Interview Questions/Strategy
DUE:  DRAFT Budget estimates for both Summer & Fall
6/19-20 Tu-W 1st Instructor/Team Meeting
by 6/22 Fr DUE:  Client Visit & Interview (w/lead instructor)
6/25 M GENERAL SESSION #6 - Project Management
                                 Purchasing Procedures
                                 Communication Standards
                                 Project Portfolio
                                 Wikipage Expectations
                                 Wikipage Setup (w/ Ankit) - GJ 115
DUE:  Product Requirements Document (PRD)
6/26-27 Tu-W 2nd Instructor/Team Meeting
7/2 M GENERAL SESSION #7 - Design Validation Plan
                                 Concept Design Review Expectations
                                 Value Proposition (Tanner)
                                 Business Case Development

DUE:  Project Schedule - with Work-breakdown structure for both Summer & Fall
7/3-5 Tu-Th 3rd Instructor/Team Meeting
7/6 Fr DUE:  Portfolio, Initial Wikipage, Logbook (w/review form) - by 5:00 pm (mailbox)
7/9 M GENERAL SESSION #8 - Snapshot Day 1 - Wikipage Reviews
7/10-11 Tu-W 4th Instructor/Team Meeting
7/16 M DUE:  Design Validation Plan (DVP) - by 5:00 pm (lead instructor's mailbox)
7/17-18 Tu-W 5th Instructor/Team Meeting
7/23 M DUE:  Project Value Proposition - by 5:00 pm (to lead instructor's mailbox)
7/24-25 Tu-W 6th Instructor/Team Meeting
by 7/26 Th DUE:  Concept Design Review (w/client & lead instructor)
7/30 M GENERAL SESSION #9 - Snapshot Day 2 Expectations
8/2 Th GENERAL SESSION #10 - Snapshot Day 2 (GJ Design Suite)
DUE:  Snapshot Storyboard (on display in GJ Design Suite)
by 8/3 Fr DUE:  Portfolio, Wikipage, Team Member Citizenship, & Logbook (w/review form)
         all by 5:00 pm in lead instructor's mailbox

Fall 2018
Date Day Topic/Deliverable
8/21 Tu GENERAL SESSION #1 (TLC 022) - Semester Schedule
                                                 COE Career Center Resources (Rachel)                                                  Detailed Design Reviews
                                                 Wiki Site Inventory
                                                 Scheduling Weekly Instructor/Team/Mentor Meetings
9/18 Tu GENERAL SESSION #2 (TLC 022) - Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (Matt)
                                                 Ethics (Matt)
                                                 Snapshot #3 Expectations
by 9/21 Fr DUE: Detailed Design Review (with client & lead instructor)
10/2 Tu GENERAL SESSION #3 (JEB 104) - Industry Panel
10/4 Th DUE: Logbook (w/review form) & Portfolio (to your lead instructor)
10/9 Tu GENERAL SESSION #4 (GJ Design Suite) - Snapshot Day #3
11/6 Tu Wiki Review Session (TLC 022) - Team wikimasters only
11/8 Th DUE: Logbook (w/review form to your lead instructor)
11/16 Fr DUE: Team Member Citizenship Assessment (to your lead instructor)
11/27 Tu GENERAL SESSION #5 (TLC 022) - Snapshot Prep
                                                 Course Deliverables
11/30 Fr GENERAL SESSION #6 (GJ Labs) - Snapshot Day #4 (8:30 - 10:15 am)
   => Design Suite set-up Thursday afternoon or Friday morning
   => Power Lab set-up
must occur Friday morning
12/4 Tu Wiki Review Session (TLC 022) - Team wikimasters only
    Final Hardware/Software Prototype (approved by client and lead instructor)
    Design Report & Project Portfolio (approved by lead instructor)
    Wikipage (approved by lead instructor)
    Work Area Check-Out (approved by staff member in charge of your work area)
    Electronic Archive/File Management (approved by lead instructor)

Project Teams - Summer 2018
No. Sponsor - Project Description

Design Review Time/Location
SEA Group email,
Team Members
Lead Instructor Grad Student Mentor
1 UI ME Dept - Robotic Manufacturing Cell

Design Review - Thurs. 7/26 at 11:30 am - EP 205
N engr-robotcell
Mark Leitner
Iulian David
Abdul Alhajeri
Faihan Aldouseri
Beyerlein Andre Corpus
2 ATI - Niobium Alloy Sampling Device

Design Review - Wedn. 7/25 at 11:00 am -
ME Conference Room (EP 324A)
Y engr-ati
Gabriel Cureton
Zach Devorak
Tim Butler
Daniel Salinas
Swenson Andre Corpus
3 UI Steam Plant - Input Measurement System

Design Review - Fri. 7/20 at 10:00 am -
GJ 115 (advanced CAD lab)
N engr-steaminput
Mike Silk
Zak Alghamdi
Mia Nakayama
Waleed Alskeikh
Faisal Alqudairi
Beyerlein Sammy Stuhlman
4 UI CETL - Lightboard

Design Review - Mon. 7/30 at 1:00 pm -
EP 209
N engr-buzzlight
Nate Sherwood
Jake Jermyn
Taylor Spence
Talal Aldoussari
Swenson Sarah Willis
5 UI ME Dept - Antikythera Refinements

Design Review - Wedn. 7/18 at 12:00 pm - EP 209
N engr-antik
Levi Vogel
Rakan Alshannan
Mshari AlDossary
Shane Stokes
Swenson Alex Olson & Sarah Willis
6 UI ME Dept - Autoclave Integration

Design Review - Mon. 7/16 at 11:30 am - EP 209
N engr-autoclave
Kevin Brewer
Larry Schwab
Bahram Sobbi
Titus Hansen
Tyler Jones
Beyerlein Nick Shaber