ME 529
Combustion and Air Pollution

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Formation of pollutants during combustion processes and their subsequent transformations in the atmosphere; emphasis on the effects of design and operating parameters of combustion devices on the nature and composition of exhaust gases, improvements, post-combustion treatment of effluent gases, atmospheric chemistry, transport of pollutants, smog formation, acid rain, ozone formation and destruction.

Schedule/Topics Activities/Handouts Assignments
Wed, 1/14
Course Overview
Course Syllabus
Course Overview Notes

Homework Rubric
Solution Example (handwritten)
Solution Example (computer based)

Research Paper Author Guidelines
Ex1 (Biomass Combustion)
Ex2 (Powerplant SO2 Removal)
Ex3 (Fluidized Bed Reactions)
Ex4 (Detonation Wave Engines)
Ex5 (Catalytic Combustors)
Ex6 (Ethanol Combustion)
Acquire Textbook

Chapter 1 (pp 1-10)
Chapter 17 (pp 638-644)

HW 1 (Introductions)
due in class 1/21

Wed, 1/21
Fuel Composition
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry Notes

HW2 (EES Refresher)
bring work-in-progress 1/26
due in class 1/28

Mon, 1/26
Research Paper Expectations
EES Tips & Tricks
HW Documentation
Be prepared to give a 3-4 minute summary of the technical paper that you reviewed in HW 1.

Bring your HW2 EES models.  Be prepared to show off best practices and ask consulting questions.

Homework Rubric
Solution Example (handwritten)
Solution Example (computer based)
Chapter 2 (pp 12-18)
Wed, 1/28
Organic Chemistry II

HW3 (Stoichiometry)
due in class 2/9
Mon, 2/2
Stoichiometry Notes
Theo's CHSON model
Wed, 2/4
Combustion w/Excess Air
Exhaust Gas Analysis
Equivalence Ratio
Chapt 2 (pp 18-37)
Mon, 2/9
Heats of Reaction
Adiabatic Flame Temperature
Combustion Thermodynamics Notes

Methane Combustion (EES)

Adiabatic Flame Temperature (EES)
Chapt 2 (pp 38-68)
Wed, 2/11
Gibbs Free Energy
Chemical Potential
Extent of Reaction
Equilibrium Constant
Equilibrium Temperature
Combustion Equilibrium Notes

Case Study: Dissociation of Water
Finding Gibbs Energy (EES)
Finding Equilibrium Constant (EES)
Finding Equilibrium Temp (EES)
HW4 (Combustion Thermo)
due in class 2/25

Blue Grass Analysis

What is 'endo' gas?
Wed, 2/18
Van't Hoff Eqn [Kp = ln(-DeltaG/RT)]
Equilibrium Composition
Equilibrium for Simultaneous Rxns
Water-Gas Shift Reaction (EES)
NO oxidation (EES)
NO2 dissociation (EES)
Simultaneous equilibrium (EES)
Mon, 2/23
Lagrange Multiplier Method
Equilibrium Software Design
Simultaneous Rxns Notes

Wed, 2/25
HP, UV, and TP Equilibrium Paths
Combustion Thermodynamics Review
Reaction Rate
Rate Constant
Order of Reaction

Chemical Kinetics Notes
Chapt 4 (pp 107-133)
Mon, 3/2
forward rate constant, kf
reverse rate constant, kr
Kc = kf/kr
relaxation time
overall reactions
elementary reactions
  HW5 (Equilibrium Thermo)
due by COB class 3/13
Wed, 3/4
concurrent reactions
chain reactions
  -initiation reactions
  -propagation reactions
  -termination reactions
steady-state hypothesis
Arrhenius equation, ln(k) vs 1/T
activation energy
pre-exponential constant
temperature factor
Mon, 3/9
chain carrying reactions
chain branching reactions
partial equilibrium
ignition delay
Reaction Mechanism Notes Reading
Chapt 5
Wed, 3/11
explosion limits (reverse S curve)
flammability limits
role of catalysts
fuel reformation
Catalyst Notes  
Mon, 3/23
heterogenous reactions
- diffusion through gas phase
- adsoprtion on surface
- surface reaction
- desorption from surface
- diffusion into gas phase
sticking coefficient
langmuir isotherm
catalyst posioning
  HW6 (Combustion Kinetics)
due by COB 4/1
Wed, 3/25
global reaction models
Chapt 8
Mon, 3/30
tutorial on kinetics problems
Chapt 9
Wed, 4/1
flame classification
role of heat transfer
role of mass transfer (esp radicals)
Mallardt & LeChatelier model
laminar burning velocity
preheat zone
reaction zone
Laminar Pre-Mixed Flame Notes Reading
Chapt 11 & 12
Mon, 4/6
bunsen burner analysis
reaction set-ups
flammability limits
- effect of pressure
- effect of diluents
flame arrestors
flash point
fire point
  HW 7 (More Kinetics)
due by COB 4/15

Chapt 13

Wed, 4/8
quenching distance
turbulent flames
laminar diffusion Flames
Turbulent Pre-Mixed Flame Notes

Laminar Diffusion Flame Notes
Chapt 10
Mon & Wed, 4/13 & 4/15
Liquid Fuel Combustion
Chapt 14
Fri, 4/17
Solid Fuel Combustion
Solid Fuel Combustion Notes Reading
Chapt 15
Mon, 4/20
NOx Formation
NOx Formation Notes

Nitrate Ion Concentration
Ammonium Ion Concentration
Emissions Index (EES)
Wet to Dry Conversion (EES)
NO Correction for O2 Level (EES)
Thermal NO Formation (EES)
HW 8 (Flame Propgation)
due by COB 4/29

Wed, 4/22
CO Formation
CO Formation Notes  
Fri, 4/24
SO2 Formation
SO2 Formation Notes Reading
Chapt 16
Mon, 4/27
PAH Formation
PAH Formation Notes Reading
Chapt 17
Wed, 4/29
SI Engine Combustion
CI Engine Combustion
SI Engine Notes

CI Engine Notes
Mon, 5/4
Gas Turbine Combustion
Gas Turbine Notes

Wildfire Notes
Wed, 5/6
Aerosol Notes