ME 433
Internal Combustion Engine Systems

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Course Description

Theory and characteristics of combustion engines; combustion process analysis; fuels, exhaust emissions and controls; system analysis and modeling. Prereq: ME 345 or permission.

Schedule/Topics Activities/Handouts Assignments
Week of June 12th
Session 1

Course Overview
ACTIVITY - Syllabus Review
HW#1 (due at Session 4)
Session 2
Thermodynamic Properties
1st & 2nd Laws
Process Diagrams
Polytropic Relations
Caloric Equation of State
Laws of Thermodynamics
ACTIVITY - Visualizing Processes
Session 3
Cycle Performance Analysis
Reaction Chemistry
Carnot Devices
Isentropic Efficiency
MINI ACTIVITY - Cycle Performance
Balancing Chemical Equations
MINI ACTIVITY - Ethanol Combustion
Session 4
Homework Expectations
Exam #1 Preparation
Homework Rubric
Solution Example (handwritten)
Solution Example (computer based)
ACTIVITY - Homework Review
EX#1 (due at Session 5)
Week of June 19th
Session 5
SI vs CI Engines
EES Software Overview
SI Engines
CI Engines
ACTIVITY - Engine Types
ACTIVITY - EES Orientation
HW#2 (due before Session 10)

Read Heywood Chapt 1
Session 6
Air Standard Cycle Models
-Otto Cycle
-Diesel Cycle
-Dual Cycle
Fchart Distributables

Otto Cycle Modeling
 - Otto Cycle/Ideal Gas (PDF)
 - Otto Cycle/Ideal Gas (w/EES)
 - Otto Cycle/Real Gas (PDF)
 - Otto Cycle/Real Gas (w/EES)

Diesel Cycle Modeling

Dual Cycle Modeling
 - Dual Cycle (PDF)
 - Dual Cycle (w/EES)
Browse Heywood Chapt 6
Session 7
Mean Effective Pressure (MEP)
Intake and Exhaust Processes
Whiteboard Notes on MEP


Gas Exchange Processes
Read Heywood Chapt 2
Session 8
Engine Components
ACTIVITY - Engine Lab Tour Browse Heywood Chapt 5
Week of June 26th
Session 9
Engine Design Parameters
Engine Performance Parameters
Definition of Engine Design and Performance Parameters

ACTIVITY - Relationships Between  Design & Operating Parameters

Activity Results
(for video students)

Derivation of Long Equations
Session 10
Mean Piston Speed
Brake Mean Effective Pressure
ACTIVITY - Tools for Comparing Engine Performance (Sp and BMEP)

SP & BMEP Calcs (for video students)

Typical Values for Parameters
HW#3 (due before Session 15)

Read Heywood 15.1-15.3
Session 11
BSFC Units
Air and Fuel Flow rates

ACTIVITY - Applying Short Eqns
Solution (w/EES)

ACTIVITY - Interpreting BSFC Maps
Session 12
Engine Sizing
ACTIVITY - Necessary Engine Size

Engine Sizing Results
(for video students)

Week of July 3rd

Week of July 3rd
Session 13
Sharing Engine Data
Road Load Modeling
Technical Paper Project
Sharing of HW#3 Engine Findings

Road Load Notes

Tips on Technical Papers

Sample Paper

Session 14
YZ250 Performance Testing
Dragstrip Modeling
Feedback on Paper Topics
YZ250 Test Data (EXCEL)

YZ250 BSFC Map

ACTIVITY - Acceleration Modeling

MatLab Model Example (PDF)
Session 15
Track Modeling
Engine Design & Operation Review
Exam #2 Q/A
Motorcycle Gear Shift Calculator

MatLab Gear Shift Model

FHSAE Track Simulation Paper

HEV Energy Management Studies
EX#2 (due before Session 17)
Week of July 10th
Session 16
Thermochemistry Topics
Equivalence Ratio
Excess Air Coefficient
Reaction Balancing
Mid-Course Assessment

Reaction Balancing Notes

Forward Reaction Balancing (w/EES)

Reverse Reaction Balancing (w/EES)
HW#4 (due after Session 20)
Read Heywood Chapt 3

Session 17
Mid-Course Assessment Findings
Ideal Gas Properties
Heat of Reaction
Adiabatic Combustion Temperature
Heat of Reaction Notes

Adiabatic Combustion Notes

CO Combustion w/O2

CO Combustion w/Air

ACTIVITY - Calculating Heat of Reaction

Session 18
Heat of Reaction Results
Bomb Calorimetry
Heat of Reaction Results

Read Heywood Chapt 4
Session 19
Chemical Equilibrium
Types of Reaction Models
Equilibrium Constants
Van't Hoff Equation for Kp(T)
Chemical Equilibrium

ACTIVITY - Finding Extent of Reaction
Week of July 17th
Session 20
Extent of Reaction Results
Le Chatelier's Principle
EES Equilibrium Application
Rich Mixture Equations
Intro to Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium (w/EES)

Rich Mixture Equations

Chemical Kinetics
HW#5 (due before Session 24)

Session 22

Bomb Calorimetry Experiment
Combustion Lab Equipment
Engine Testing/Emissions Lab
Emissions Analyzers
Brake Specific Emissions
800 cc Rotax Data

Engine Test Cell Configuration

Brake Specific Emissions Eqns

Example Emissions Data Analysis
Browse Heywood Chapt 9 & 10
Session 21

Homework #5 Q/A

Premixed Combustion Quantities
- flame velocities
- quenching distance
- minimum ignition energy
- flammability limits

ACTIVITY - Engine Heat Balancing

Premixed Combustion

Session 23
SI Combustion
- SI heat release
- MBT timing
- Octane number

CI Combustion
- CI heat release
- Ignition delay
- Cetane Number

Exam #3 Q/A
SI Engine Combustion

CI Engine Combustion

Thermochemistry Relations/Concepts
EX #3 (due before Session 25)
Week of July 24th
Session 24

Mass Burn Rate Analysis
Wiebe Function
SI Engine Modeling

Mass Burn Rate Analysis

ACTIVITY - In Cylinder Pressure Modeling
Read Heywood Chapt 9
Session 25
Engine Modeling Project
Jeremy's Thesis Presentation
(first part of EO lecture)

Engine Model Governing Equations
(second part of EO lecture)

Jeremy's Thesis
Theo's Thesis

MatLAB Engine Code:
YZ250 Engine Model (MatLAB)
Hydrocarbon Function (MatLAB)
NO Function (MatLAB)
Volumetric Efficiency Fcn (MatLab)

MatLAB Plots:
BSFC Plotting
Data File

Engine Information:
YZ250 Specifications
YZ250 Dyno Curves
R6 Air-Fuel Ratio Map

ACTIVITY - Exploration of two-zone MATLAB engine model

- input parameters
- model equations/variables/units
- method for MBT timing
Final Project
Engine Specs (10 points)
Lambda Tuning (10 points)
Volumetric Eff Tuning (10 points)
MBT Timing (10 points)
Performance Curves (10 points)
BSFC Map (10 points)
BS Emissions Maps (10 points)
Assessment of Learning (15 points)
Deliverable Assessment (15 points)

Session 26 (no video)
Engine Modeling Project

Confirm engine selection
Input engine-specific data
Achieve viable engine operation

=> send copy of output; set up call to debrief your preliminary results
SAE Paper Template
Session 27 (no video)
Engine Modeling Project
Engine Modeling Consulting

=> email  modeling questions
Week of July 31st
Session 28 (no video)
Engine Modeling Project
Research Paper Development
Research Project
=> set up call to review draft paper
Session 29 (no video)
Engine Modeling Project
Research Paper Development
engine model tips

=> request consultation as needed
Modeling Project due COB 8/4

Technical Paper due COB 8/4