What is MindWorks?
  • It was created to promote a culture of professional
    decision making in engineering design.

  • It houses a variety of physical and virtual resources
    that support project learning.

  • It supports a variety of graphics, design,
    manufacturing, and simulation courses as
    well as the capstone design experience.



MindWorks is a physical and virtual space, but
equally important, it is a cultural experience.
purpose of MindWorks is to motivate next generation
designers across multiple engineering disciplines and
equip them with best practices of designers, helping
them find innovative solutions to today's challenging
engineering problems.



  • Physically, there are artifacts including mechanical models, wall decorations, design guides, and vendor catalogs, computer projection equipment, a meeting place and white boards. These artifacts focus on solid mechanics, machine design, and product realization.

  • Virtually, there are just-in-time resources for project learning in computer aided design, design for manufacturing, and computer modeling.  Advanced use of SolidWorks and CATIA as well as lean manufacturing in a prototyping shop are also supported through this portal.  Many of the learning objects contained in MindWorks archives began as previous class projects, capturing knowledge and best practices, and now serve as a legacy for others to build upon.

  • Culturally, there is a thriving community of undergraduate engineering students, graduate student leaders in the Idaho Engineering Works, professional staff, design project sponsors, alumni in regional industry, and prospective engineering students that is a residential design experience of choice.  This is showcased annually at the University of Idaho Engineering Design Expo.