Machine Shop

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Basic Shop Information

- Shop Orientation. For your safety, and the safety and convenience of others, you must receive this training before you are allowed to use the drill press, band saw, and cutoff saw.  You will be expected to follow rules for use of the shop covered as part of this training.

- Shop Safety Video. This video reviews important safety information and requirements for shop supervision. Be sure to watch this video before beginning work in the shop for the first time.

- Manual Mill Orientation
and Manual Lathe Orientation. These training sessions are required before you are allowed to use of the manual mill or manual lathe under guidance of an authorized mentor.

- ME 223 Shop Orientation (.docx)
and ENGR 404 Shop Orientation (.docx). These cover what ME 223 and ENGR 404 students need to know before entering the shop to work on class projects.

- Before You Enter the Shop (.docx). Use this checklist efficiently carry out work in the shop.

- Shop After-Hours (.doc). Follow these guidelines for after-hours use.

- UI Machine Plan Template (.docx) and UI Machine Plan Example (.docx). When preparing to amke a part in the UI machine shop, use a Machine Plan to help you work effectively and efficiently.

- Mentor Guide (.pdf). This resource contains detailed information about manual machine components and operating procedures.