Information and learning tools are a critical part of the MindWorks infrastructure. The computer terminals in MindWorks are loaded with several digital catalogs - many with powerful interactive selection tools for design. There are also several shelves of reference books ranging from traditional analysis to philosophy of teaming.  The University of Idaho library also features many other resources that can be helpful.  The purpose of the pathfinder is to help you find the resources you need for your research.

Vendor Catalogs
  This link is an Excel workbook that has details about every current catalog in the MindWorks broken up by topic. It will be periodically updated. (This is an Excel file)



Reference Books
This link is an Excel workbook that has details about every reference book that is owned by the Mechanical Engineering Department broken up by topic. (This is an Excel file)


Hardware and Artifacts
The ability to physically handle and touch hardware is necessary to solidify understanding of design decisions. In the MindWorks area there are many machines and demonstrations that help students get a better feel for tolerances and component selection and how they will effect system performance.

ME Research Guide
Compiled on the University of Idaho Library site is a page dedicated to aiding the research of Mechanical Engineers. It contains tips on searching the library, and listings of E-books, references, journals, and useful links. (External site)