God, Reason, and the Evangelicals: The Case Against Evangelical Rationalism
(University Press of America, 1987). Copyright held by N. F. Gier   home.

Warning to Readers: This is not for the theologically faint-hearted!
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Chapter One: Introducing the Evangelicals
Chapter Two: The Temptation of Belief
Chapter Three: The Myth of God Incarnate
Chapter Four: God, Freedom, and Evil or Three Types of Divine Power
Chapter Five: The Challenge of the World Religions or Is Christianity Unique?
Chapter Six: Inspiration and Inerrancy
Chapter Eight: Jesus: Gospel Evidence and Jewish Expectations
Chapter Ten: Theological Ethics
Chapter Eleven: Abortion, Persons, and the Fetus
Chapter Thirteen: The Three-Story Universe
Chapter Fourteen: Creationism: Bad Science; Wrong Religion