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The Origins of Religious Violence  Chilling Parallels: Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism  Hindu Fundamentalism

 The Doug Wilson Story   Fifteen Differences between Evangelical and Wilsonian Christianity

The Real Meaning of Sodomy   The Three Story Universe  Debate on Slavery   Wondrous Trinities Everywhere   

God, Reason, and the Evangelicals   Abortion, Persons, and the Fetus   A Frozen Embryo Responds to Its Subpoena

A Woman's Right to Choose   Convergence not Conversion     Creationism: Bad Science; Wrong Religion 

Religious Liberalism and the Founding Fathers    Is the New Physics Really Mystical?  Katrina as the Wrath of God

Ungodly Abuse: Job, His Wife, and Their God   Libertarianism and Christianity  The Yogi and the Goddess

Religious Liberalism and the Founding Fathers     Buddhist Nationalism and Religious Violence (PDF)

Serious Problems with Luke' Census    The Christmas Story and Other Redeeming Myths

The Gospel of Weak Belief   God is not a Scientific Hypothesis (PDF)  Humanism is as American as Apple Pie

Hebrew Henotheism   Last Judgment as Self-Judgment   The Savior Archetype   Mad Max Meets Jesus Christ

After Death Experiences in Tibetan Buddhism and Zoroastrianism   On the Nature of the Soul 

A Soul Sermon for Unitarian Universalists

The Existence of God   The Divine Attributes    Process Theology   Feminist Theology   God and Freedom  

Three Types of Divine Power (summary)   Three Types of Divine Power  Free-will and Determinism 

Divine Omniprescience: Are Literary Works Eternal Entities?  One of the Top 40 Bible Colleges (PDF)

Buddhist and Hebrew Selves  When Did Jesus Die?  Religious Syncretism  Color of Sin/Color of Skin PDF

Religious Syncretism and Unification Theology  Jesus Loves Gays  Tom Paine: Patriot and Vilified Theologian PDF

Mary Magdalene: Apostle to the Apostles PDF    What Ever Happened to the Last Judgment?  PDF

A Chilling Connection between Nanjing (1853) and Moscow (2003) PDF

Catholics May Have Good Reason for Abortion Reform PDF  Sen. Brownback is Confused about Evolution JPEG  PDF 

The Passing of an Ugly Giant of the Religious Right PDF  Christ is Commander-in-Chief PDF  JPEG

God is Dead (Again!): Secular Fundamentalists Fight Back PDF  JPEG

The Living Goddess of Bhaktapur Loses Her Job  PDF  Moscow's Calvinist College Makes the The New York Times PDF

Moscow's Trinity Festival Features Fraudulent Calvinists and Questionable Trinitarians PDF

Muslim Democrats and Republicans Have Ignorant Idaho Detractors PDF

Celebrating our Muslim Neighbors by Acknowledging Their Cultural Heritage PDF

The 454th Anniversary of the Burning of Michael Servetus  PDF