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User-friendly tools are needed for undergraduates to learn about component sizing, powertrain integration, and control strategies for student competitions involving hybrid vehicles. A TK Solver tool was developed at the University of Idaho for this purpose. The model simulates each of the dynamic events in the Formula Hybrid Society of Automotive Engineers (FHSAE) competition, predicting average speed, acceleration, and fuel consumption for different track segments. Model inputs included manufacturer's data along with bench tests of electrical and IC engine components and roll-down data. This vehicle performance model was used to design the 2014 vehicle’s hybrid architecture, determine the energy allocation, and to select the batteries. Model predictions have been validated in full vehicle tests under simulated race conditions. The TK Solver tool has proven effective in making decisions about sizing gasoline and electric power components, establishing an optimal coupling connection between the electric motor and the gasoline engine, selecting and configuring the battery pack, tuning the gasoline engine, and making recommendations for energy management under different driving conditions. The resulting vehicle is being readied to compete in the 2014 FHSAE competition.  More>

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The University of Idaho and NIATT can boast of high quality professors and researchers with a variety of capabilities. Our faculty engage in research to solve challenging, practical, and relevant transportation problems that have regional and national significance. Faculty integrate their research into their course work.

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