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This web site is a laboratory manual that is designed to supplement the average junior-level course in transportation engineering. Laboratory exercises are presented for most of the major topics addressed in undergraduate transportation engineering. Practicing engineers and educational entities view these topics as the most important ones that civil engineering graduates need to understand.

The lab manual includes a vast collection of help resources, to assist you in completing the laboratory exercises, and to increase your understanding of these important topics. Each chapter includes:

  • discussions of the important theories and concepts.
  • demonstrations of many of the concepts.
  • information about how these concepts are applied in professional practice.
  • example problems with solutions.
  • links to other web sites, for more information on the topic.
  • a glossary of terms specific to that topic.

While this list might sound extensive, and it is, this manual is not meant to be a substitute for lectures or for texts. Additional topics will likely be covered in class, and your text may contain more detail in its descriptions of certain concepts or calculations.

This lab manual is the product of two years of collaboration between Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Idaho. All of the individuals who made contributions to this lab manual, both great and small, are listed below.

Oregon State University:
Kate Hunter-Zaworski

Portland State University:
Julia Fowler
Kent Lall

University of Idaho:
Ty Bardwell
Patrick Bird
Steven Dahl
Cheryl Gussenhoven
Michael Kyte
Melissa Lines
Mark Lovejoy
Josh Nelson

The development of this lab manual was funded by:


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