Getting Started: Learning More

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This lab manual contains a tremendous amount of valuable information that is available to you at any time. To use this information most effectively, however, you should probably develop a strategy.

Normally, you will be asked by your instructor to complete a laboratory exercise from this manual. We recommend that you first read the laboratory exercise and then review the related information in that chapter before you begin working.

For example, let’s say that the lab exercise asked you to write a formal evaluation of the current signal timing conditions at a given signal. You could begin with an overview of the topic, under the Introduction button. Next, you could review all of the relevant concepts under the Theory & Concepts button, and then see how these concepts are applied in practice, under the Professional Practice button. Finally, you could work an example problem or two, under the Example Problems button, to guarantee that you fully understand the concepts. At any time, feel free to access the Related Links or the Glossary of Terms.

Even though this web site is called a lab manual, it can be much more. You can use this lab manual as a supplemental text at any time. If you are having trouble with a particular concept in class, you can always review that concept in the lab manual, view the Excel demonstration of that concept, and work an example problem.

We hope that this lab manual will contribute positively to your education in the field of transportation engineering. We intend to update the site periodically, and add even more content in the future. Please help us improve this educational resource, by filling out the evaluation form under "feedback", on the opening page. Tell us what you liked or didn’t like about the lab manual, and anything that you think we should add or change. Thank you for participating in this project.

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