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     Welcome to Northwest Wado-ryu.  Wado-ryu is a style of karate belonging to the big four karate styles.  We meet several times a week as a club in the evenings,  and in the day at the University of Idaho's Karate class and Self-Defense class.
     We invite new and young members,  and experienced martial artists to come join us and learn the way of Wado-ryu.  We have members ranging in experience from beginners to advanced practitioners.
     So come join us and learn self discipline,  a new way of life,  and the art of Wado-ryu.

“It is easy to lose control, but takes years of training to gain control.  Anyone can
     punch another person with all their might,  but only a true master of the martial way
          can decide how much damage his strike does.”
                                                                                                                - Sensei Christopher Schwartz
We have a page on Facebook. If you are already a Facebook member,  you can become a fan of the organization.
You can have your business advertised here.  Contact the club.
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