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Click on any of these titles to find out more about workshops taught by Dr. Garton.  Dr. Garton is scheduling 2 workshops per year on campus at the University of Idaho and he is available to teach on any of these topics for small groups (10-25) of professionals  working for natural resource agencies, graduate students at universities, etc. during coming falls, winters or springs.  If you are interested in arranging for such a course, contact Dr. Garton by emailing him at Oz Garton <>

Animal Abundance: Estimating "True" Number of Animals Present

A workshop presented by 
Dr. Edward O. Garton

May 20-24, 2013 - Moscow, Idaho

New Approaches to Studies of Home Range, Habitat Selection and Space Use                 

A workshop presented by Dr. Edward O. Garton

May 19-23, 2014 - Moscow, Idaho

  Wildlife and Fisheries Surveys: Design & Analysis

A workshop presented by Dr. Edward O. Garton

March 31-April 4, 2008 - Juneau, Alaska

Modeling Animal Populations, Habitats and Their Viability in Space and Time

A workshop presented by Dr. Edward O. Garton

June 6-10, 2011 -Moscow, Idaho

Applications of Multivariate Statistical Methods to Fish, Wildlife and Their Habitats

A workshop presented by Dr. Edward O. Garton

May 14-18, 2012 - Moscow, Idaho

Synoptic Modeling of Animal Location Data Combining Animal Movement, Home Range and Resource Selection.

A workshop presented by Dr. Edward O. Garton at the International Wildlife Management Congress, Durban, South Africa 9 July, 2012


Undergraduate Courses:
Fish and Wildlife Population Ecology Wlf 448

Wildlife Ecology Wlf 316


Graduate Courses:  
Wildlife Graduate Seminar Wlf 501 - Scientific Method Wilderness Wildlife Monitoring Wlf 504 Spring 2009
Advanced Population Biology -- Wlf 541 Ecological Understanding Wlf 504 Spring 2011
Fish and Wildlife Population Analysis -- Wlf 543  

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