Restoration Ecology
REM 440 | 3 credits | Information: Contact Professor Charles Goebel

Professor Emeritus R. Robberecht
College of Natural Resources | University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133 USA    !208-885-7404
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Course Description: Ecological principles and management practices involved in restoring and rehabilitating wildland ecosystems after disturbance or alteration to return damaged ecosystems to a productive and stable state.

The ecological restoration of disturbed ecosystems. Fundamental principles from ecology, ecophysiology, and community ecology are used in a systems ecology approach to examine how the structure and function of damaged ecosystems can be restored with the goal of establishing a stable and self-sustaining ecosystem.

General ecology, or permission.
Recommended preparation
: Introductory botany and zoology, and a good working knowledge of Windows-based computer systems.
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