Cors236 (Bull) Homework #1

Your name: J Bull

Link to your article:

Article title, source, date (upload a copy to BbLearn if link not available):  Coca-Cola company trials first paper bottle, BBC News, 12 II 2021

Help comment:  to reduce confusion, see instructions about the goal.


_______________First model_______________


Goal (whose goal is it, what is to be accomplished, to which purpose does the model contribute?): Coca Cola -- to reduce their environmental plastic footprint


Model 1 (a model described in the article, used in some fashion for the goal):  paboco's prototype paper bottle


Type of model (abstract or physical): physical


What Model 1 represents:  future bottle for cocal cola products


How it is useful for the goal:  it's a mostly paper bottle that may reveal challenges in their plan, it may be a forerunner of 100% paper bottles, it will allow them to test paper with minimal investment


a limitation of Model 1 for the goal:  being a prototype, it may have problems that the next-generation paper bottles won't; it still has some plastic lining so it's not exactly what cc wa



_______________Second model_______________


Goal (if same as for model 1 in all respects, leave blank, otherwise input):  break free from plastic -- to raise public awareness of plastic pollution


Model 2 (must be a different type than of model 1):  coca cola ranked as #1 plastic polluter


Type of model (abstract or physical): abstract


What Model 2 represents:  recognition of environmental pollution caused by large companies


How it is useful for the goal:  calling a company #1 polluter, especially a company that has a good reputation, will make public aware of the problem


a limitation of Model 2 for the goal:  a simple ranking is overly simplistic; saying something bad about a popular company could backfire