Scientific Graphics Design
NR 525, 3 credits | This course is not currently offered


Course Description: Principles of graphics design for science, including the graphical presentation of data for printed and electronic journals, poster presentations, and oral presentations. Students will analyze published scientific graphics as well as learn to design their own graphs based on data from their graduate research or other sources.

Professor Emeritus R. Robberecht
College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133 USA

Telephone !208-885-7404 |
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Recommended preparation
: Proficiency with Windows-based computer systems. Ready access to a modern personal computer is highly recommended. Note.
Because we will use the program, SigmaPlot*, for the course, ready access to this scientific graphics program or a program with equivalent features is a requirement for the course. SigmaPlot is available for purchase educational price and on a free 30-day evaluation. It is highly recommended that you purchase this program for use on your own computer. SigmaPlot is not available on the University of Idaho computer laboratories.

Computer compatibility - Advisory
The course learning materials are compatible only with computers that are 100% compatible with the Windows operating system and the browser, Internet Explorer.

*The University of Idaho and the professor have no connection
  with this company.


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