Access to the secured course materials requires a University of Idaho Net ID and password. This internet course site was designed for use with MS Internet Explorer 8 or higher: The interactive study lessons will not run properly with other browsers. There are several aspects that must be set correctly in order for the material to work properly. Set your internet browser for the following:
  Set browser to compatibility mode
Maximize your browser (use F11 to maximize window)
Turn off or minimize the text and icon items of your browser menu
Disable all pop-up blockers
Carefully review the Tips section for additional computer system issues
This internet course site uses electronic documents, digitized sound and video, and interactive study lessons. Thus, the following plug-in modules are required. Some Internet functions involve DHTML coding and require at least version 8 of Internet Explorer.
  Internet Explorer Windows Media Player 11 (or higher)
  Acrobat Reader


Sun Microsystems JAVA


Required computer system configuration

  Computer system
Required settings
Computer type and memory Windows 8, 7, XP, or Vista | at least 4 Gb RAM | Apple OS computers are not supported
Monitor size 17" (15" only if high resolution as indicated below). A LCD flat panel of 15" or larger is suitable if set at least to the resolution listed below.
Desktop settings Minimum resolution and color depth: 1280X 800 | 65,000 (16-bit)
Small fonts or Normal size (96 dpi) | Do not use the desktop setting of "Large fonts"
Network and Internet access Broadband Internet service required (T1 line, wireless Internet, DSL line, or cable MODEM).
Internet browser Set browser to compatibility mode

Tutorial on setting up your Internet Explorer browser

Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Note on Windows 10. Do not use the browsers, Edge or Chrome, which are not compatible with the interactive lessons. The default browser for Windows 10 is Edge, which is not compatible with the interactive lessons. On the Edge menu ( the "..." icon), select the option to open the interactive lessons in Internet Explorer.

(The interactive study lessons will not run properly with other browsers). You must have a current version of JAVA installed on your computer: Sun JAVA engine.

Note. See Tips section for additional assistance on the correct settings for Internet Explorer.


Interactive lessons To run the interactive lessons:
1. Disable all pop-up blockers
2. Set your browser to the appropriate setting (see tutorial above)
3. Use F11 (function key eleven) to maximize your browser window

Windows-based computers, Media Player, and Internet Explorer are required for the internet lessons

Depending on the network speed and your internet connection, the interactive lesson can take a few seconds to a several minutes to load.

Assessments SigmaPlot is the graphics software used in this course
Multimedia Windows Media Player 12, sound card and speakers